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Slut Walks about to hit Australia

The slut walk movement has travelled all the way down under, with a planned Slut Walk scheduled for May 28, 2011 in Brisbane.

It is being organised by the Australian Sex Party’s Queensland branch. Organizer Anne Watson was quoted as saying:

“I like to wear tops that show my cleavage and show off my ladies. If that makes me a slut, then I’m a slut.”

New slut walks are cropping up every week across the globe. Check out our ever-expanding list of upcoming Slut Walks.

SlutWalk Clothing

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Toronto Police Officer Apologizes For His Comments

The Slut Walk protest movement was originally sparked in January 2011 after a Toronto police officer’s suggestion that women could avoid being sexually assaulted simply by not dressing like “sluts.” Public outcry spread quickly across sites like Facebook and Twitter, resulting in numerous Slut Walks being organized across the world, taking place in Canada, England and the United States.

The officer that made the original comment, Const. Michael Sanguinetti, made a public apology for his comments in February.

“I made a comment which was poorly thought out and did not reflect the commitment of the Toronto Police Service to the victims of sexual assaults.”

“Violent crimes such as sexual assaults can have a traumatizing effect on their victims. . . . My comment was hurtful in this respect.”

“I am embarrassed by the comment I made and it shall not be repeated. I apologize for any ill feelings my comment may have caused.”

The apology distributed to the “Osgoode community” by law school dean Lorne Sossin. The dean said they had been informed that the officer “is being disciplined and will be provided with further professional training.”

While the apology was welcome, it was not enough in many people’s eyes, and the Slut Walk protests continue to spread across the globe.

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